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At the age of 33 I had a total hysterectomy and ophorectomy performed which led to early-induced menopause. I had tried many different synthetic hormones which either made me ill or did nothing for me. When I asked my OBGYN if there was an alternative hormone his answer was not at this time. Shortly after my surgery things started to take their toll on me and I started to experience strange side effects. I had noticed my eyes were extremely dry, I was starting to feel tired more than usual, my muscles were twitching on a regular basis, I was experiencing severe night sweats and I seemed to be catching a virus every second week. Not realizing that it may be linked to the hormonal loss I went to my family doctor at the time and explained my symptoms. He looked at my eyes and asked me if I was having any problems at home. I confessed that I do have a busy life as a single mother of two children and that one of my children is deaf but that there were no problems that I was experiencing in my home. He told me he would run some blood work but that my eyes were probably linked to allergies and the environment and that because I was a single mom with a daughter who has a disability that I was probably suffering from depression and anxiety and immediately prescribed me antidepressants and anxiety medication.

That evening when I came home I questioned myself thinking could these symptoms all be in my head? Could I really be suffering anxiety and depression that is causing all these symptoms to arise? When we go to the doctors we as patients are trying to find a cure to the symptoms we are experiencing and when a Dr. tells you that its “in your head” you start to believe that it is as these are the people you rely on to help you get better. Needless to say I did take the medications he had prescribed to me and of course they did nothing for me but make me feel drugged and mentally numb. 3 months of taking these medications were more than enough for me and I went back to see my doctor. I had explained that my symptoms did not get better and that the medication he prescribed me was making me feel mentally numb. My doctor became very angry with me and literally looked at me in the eye and said “your blood work is fine this is all just in your head you have anxiety issues that you need to address”. It felt like my stomach had dropped to my knees, here I was begging for help and this doctor tells me that this is “in my head”.

When I came home that afternoon I took the medication he had prescribed me and flushed them down the toilet, I refused to accept his diagnosis! I began to search the internet on the symptoms I was experiencing and found that many women seemed to have similar experiences during menopause, so I then changed my search to alternatives to synthetic hormones and came across Suzanne Somers and Bioidentical Hormones. Shortly after reading all the information about this hormone I began to read that in some parts of the United States and Canada it was not available and illegal! I was desperate to try and continued my search and came across a Dr. Brown in Edmonton that was prescribing the Bioidentical Hormones. That afternoon I contacted my OBGYN and scheduled an appointment to see him. On the day of my appointment I had told him about these Bioidentical hormones that I had read about and that they seemed very promising! I had also explained that Dr. Brown in Edmonton was prescribing them. My OBGYN was very honest with me and explained he did not know much about these hormones but that Dr. Brown was a Colleague of his and that he would refer me to him.

Shortly after my referral I was contacted by Dr. Brown’s friendly staff who explained that I would need to have some blood work performed before I could get in to see him and that is exactly what I did. I remember during the time my blood was being taken the lab tech asking if I was being tested for an autoimmune disease, when I asked why she said usually when this much blood work is being ordered it’s usually related to autoimmune testing. Just the blood work alone made me feel better to know that there were many different tests he was screening for in my blood and that perhaps he may find the cause to my problems. During the process of many weeks of waiting for the blood work to come back I was getting worse in terms of energy, and a sense of well being to the point where my daughter said to me “mom all you want to do is sleep you never want to do anything anymore.” My heart was completely shattered that night as I cried myself to sleep.

The day of my appointment with Dr. Brown was nerve racking, I remember thinking if he can’t find anything then I will surrender to the fact that it’s “in my head.” When I went into the room Dr. Brown’s assistant had asked me some questions related to how I had been feeling, it was strange she was listening and believing me! I could tell by the way she looked at me that she knew it was not in my head! I had cried to her and explained that my own daughter told me that I am not myself anymore and his nurse let me speak, listened and wrote down notes. Shorty after she left the room Dr. Brown came into the room with a friendly smile and read what his nurse had wrote and asked me to explain more of my symptoms. After explaining my symptoms he then asked me “what would you like to see happen today?” And I remember bursting into tears and saying “I just want my life back! I want to feel good again.” He then looked at me in the eye and said I can promise you that “from this day forward you are going to start feeling a whole lot better.” Dr. Brown then began to read out all of my test results to me and explained all of the problems he had found in my blood work and validated why I was feeling ill. He then reassured me that “it was not in my head.” Just hearing that from a doctor had lifted so much off of me mentally. Dr. Brown’s kindness, compassion and understanding as I explained my symptoms was more than words could explain, he was listening and addressing my concerns and coming up with a plan on how to make me feel better all in one visit! When I left Dr. Brown’s office I felt like a different person, I had knowledge as to why I was not feeling well and it felt good to know that how I was feeling was validated and that there was hope after all.

Shortly after starting my Bioidentical Hormones I started to notice a tremendous difference in my energy levels. My eyes were starting to get their lubrication again and I was no longer using the lubricating eye drops. My immune system had taken a turn for the better that even my family had noticed I wasn’t getting sick anymore. As for the muscle twitches and night sweats… gone! It has now been one year since I started the Bioidentical hormones and it has literally changed my life! I feel alive again, stronger than ever mentally and physically. Dr. Brown continues to work with me and adjusts my medication according to my symptoms and blood work.

There are no words to explain what Dr. Brown and his staff have done for me this last year! I truly believe that the Bioidentical hormones would not have been as effective without a highly educated Doctor to make sure that I was achieving the maximum benefit from the hormones! A highly educated Doctor and Bioidentical Hormones go hand and hand on the road to success for hormone replacement therapy; I feel so fortunate to have had the perfect combination. So once again, thank you Dr. Brown for bringing me back to life! – N.V., Female

I am happy to provide the following personal account. As you well know, I am so thankful to Dr. Brown for restoring my quality of life when no one else seemed able to help!

Every day, I got up with a headache and what felt like the flu. Lethargic and in pain, some days I would vomit. It would take me several hours to feel normal enough to be able to take some form of medication to relieve the headache and be able to eat something so that I could exercise and rally enough energy to get on with the day. As a highly functioning 48 year old woman, I regularly brought in a six-figure income. I was becoming increasingly unable to rely on myself to handle negotiating legal contracts and to depend on my memory in my workday. My mind had become increasingly fuzzy. I now depended on a calculator for even the simplest of calculations, then checked and double checked everything as mistakes had become ever more common in my daily work. My confidence was eroding, as I couldn’t even be sure that I would remember the names of people I saw on a regular basis. By the following year, at the age of 49, after lunch all I wanted to do was lie down. Many days, I would do just that. Although I was exhausted, I could rarely sleep. I would remain exhausted for the rest of the day.

My annual visits to my GP always ended the same way. I would complain about all of these symptoms, he would run many tests, and pronounce me to be ‘within the norm’ in all areas. He would check my FSH and announce that I wasn’t in menopause. (I had had regular periods since the age of 12 and except for pregnancy interruptions continued to do so confirming that I already knew that I wasn’t likely in menopause.) I believe that many people, including my GP, and possibly members of my family, thought that the problems were all in my head! One person commented that I was nearly 50! (As though I should be prepared to settle for feeling ill everyday and exhausted all the time because I was nearly 50)!

Out of desperation, I began to read about the possible causes and cures for complaints such as mine. As I had been a long time migraine sufferer, I knew that I needed to be very careful about being prescribed estrogen, so a ‘one size fits all’ hormone program which combines estrogen, progesterone and testosterone was not a good choice for me. I knew that my brother-in-law, a pharmacist, was working with a local gynecologist doing a lot of ‘customized’ hormone treatments. I called my brother-in-law and begged for advice. He immediately referred me to Dr. Ron Brown.

Dr. Brown required a comprehensive group of tests including blood tests to determine individual hormone levels, as well as saliva testing, done at a certain point in the cycle, and throughout the day to determine exact hormone levels. He also required completion of an extensive questionnaire and did a personal interview to clarify the answers. He clearly understood that my issues were different from those of other patients and that he would be using my combined results to customize a treatment for me. This included thyroid medication because, as Dr. Brown pointed out, my blood tests were within the norm, but the conversion rates seemed a bit low. He also prescribed progesterone, as well as DHEA. I also started to take a good multi vitamin, vitamin D, magnesium, and Omega-3 capsules daily upon the advice of Dr. Brown.

Three weeks passed, and I still felt very tired. I was beginning to notice that my mental fog was lifting and that my mind was clearer, sharper, and that I felt less cranky in general. Upon returning to be rechecked by Dr. Brown, I reported my feedback. He increased my progesterone to 200 mg daily. Within another 2 weeks, I noticed I was sleeping much more soundly, having far fewer migraine headaches, waking with a clear mind and no nausea or headache, and that I no longer felt exhausted all day long! I was stunned! My cat is now the sole occupant of my sofa during the afternoon! I am so grateful for the persistence and patience shown by Dr. Brown in matters that so profoundly affect people’s quality of life. I am forever in his debt for helping me to regain mine! – S.M., Female

After hearing my numerous concerns, Dr. Brown asked, “Is there anything else?” “Well, I don’t sleep very well,” was my reply. I would typically get between four or five hours of sleep a night before I would awake which was usually around 3 a.m. I thought it was a result of years of broken sleep from raising our three children. Despite applying all the good sleep hygiene suggestions that I had learned about, I still couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. I was frustrated and I blamed myself. “I think I can help” Dr. Brown stated quietly. Those words changed my life.

I was prescribed Prometrium, a bio-identical hormone, and within two weeks I started sleeping seven to seven and a half hours continuously. I was amazed that it was that easy. It was simply delicious to sleep like that again. The change that it made in my life was profound. I was more patient and tolerant with my kids, who were now teenagers. I had more energy to exercise and I could even stay awake past 10 p.m. to enjoy the other benefits of having my hormones balanced. That one result has snowballed into many very good changes in my life. Thanks for the invitation to share. – L.G., Female

For years I was diagnosed as depressed because of trauma in my history. I was tired all the time and fought with my weight and just didn’t ever feel 100%. Dr. Brown was the first doctor to realize it might not be a mental imbalance that was causing my problems. He found that my thyroid was out of whack and that I didn’t have enough progesterone. Through the use of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy I am now way past what I would have imagined 100% to be. Every thing is under control. I can finally sleep through the night, I’m losing weight and I have tons of energy. The guy is a genius! – GM Female 36

At 52 years of age I found myself sitting on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands sobbing, following a temper tantrum that would rival any two year old’s. My poor dear husband just wanted to spend an afternoon golfing with his buddies. And who could blame him? This was not my first out-burst; in fact it was one of many. I knew I was overreacting a lot of the time, but just couldn’t help myself. My mood swings were taking a toll on my relationship with my husband, family and friends. One of my closest friends began to refer to me as Hurricane Bonnie. I was irritable, sad, exhausted and was having problems remembering things. I had hot flashes night and day. I was sleeping 10 hours a day and still tired. Although I loved my husband dearly, I had no interest in sex. I was in “Hormone Hell.” I talked to my family physician who didn’t want to put me on any of the traditional HRT because of my family history. I, on the other hand, desperately wanted some normalcy back in my life.

I heard Dr. Brown was taking patients interested in bioidentical hormone treatment. I knew very little about it, but knew I couldn’t go on the way I had been. I was desperate! In August 2007 Dr. Brown started me on Bio-identical hormone treatment. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but in no time Dr. Brown was able to get my hormone levels balanced. I feel like an entirely new woman.  Today I am happy, calm, sleep well, enjoy sex and can remember having it! I am living life fully and enjoying it. I am no longer known as Hurricane Bonnie. My family and friends thank you Dr. Brown, but not half as much as I do. – Anonymous

Firstly thank you Dr. Brown I am thrilled to provide my comments on the bioidentical hormone treatment. When I first heard about this form of treatment I thought “can it really be different” and “can it make a difference in my life”. I was feeling out of sorts, tired because I would wake many times during the night, irritable for the same reason and generally not myself. I did not suffer from mood swings but definitely was not feeling myself. Of course I had the same problems as all my contemporaries, vaginal dryness and as such recurrent yeast infections, dry skin everywhere, a new beard, which I had never sported before, and the redness of face and sweat that often came when it was least appropriate, I am a professional woman and hated the hot flashes while conducting business. I am thrilled to tell you, and anyone reading this note, it has resolved all the above issues and then some. Ladies give yourself the gift of you and try this treatment. The hot flashes have disappeared, as have the nightly sweats. My skin is radiant and no trace of redness. I awake rested and feel so much better, like a younger me. I have recommended it to my friends and one by one each is seeing you Dr. Brown. Thank you again. – Anonymous

It was only a year ago, but it feels like another life. I was a 38 year old women who at 30 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The treatment resulted in a complete removal of my uterus, cervix, ovaries and omentum, and a prescription of estrogen till my fifties. For 8 years I followed that regime and although I worried about the increased risk of breast cancer (due to the estrogen) it was my only option because with out it I would have bone density issues. Over those eight years I got tired and started to gain weight, I was breaking out again like a teenager, suffered from insomnia, was moody and not happy. I tried eating better and exercise and still I got no better, as a matter of fact it got worse, I no longer wanted to have sex with my husband. Now I love my husband and found him sexy, but I no longer had any ambition to have sex.

So I went to my doctor, thinking that it may be a thyroid issue…it wasn’t. For awhile I let it go, but I kept feeling tired, moody etc… so I started reading about my symptoms…at 38 I had the symptoms of a menopausal woman…at 38! No fair. After much more investigation I kept seeing a common theme, BIOIDENTICAL hormone replacement therapy. I ordered every book about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy I could and read them all back to back. An alternative to the hormones I was prescribed that did not increase my risk of breast cancer and because it was not just ESTROGEN it fulfilled my other hormonal needs was what I was looking for. Then I found Dr. Brown.

One year later and I can’t say enough about it, I am back to my original weight, not moody, sleeping at night, no pimples and I feel great. Better yet, everywhere I go people tell me that I have never looked better. This is the best thing I did for me and my husband. – N. Y.-J.

Shortly after I had turned 50 I started menopause. With my mother passing away from breast and ovarian cancer, as well as an Aunt on my dad’s side dying at  a young age of breast cancer,  conventional synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy was out of the question. I tried to do it on my own drug free. I went four years of struggling with hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings as well as depression. My only solution I thought was sleeping pills to help sleep and anti-depressant for the other problems. I did resort to sleeping pills on occasion to help after going all week with hardly any sleep, but I didn’t want to go on anti-depressants. I had read and heard of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. After meeting Dr. Brown and telling him how miserable I was feeling and that I could not take HRT he started me on the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy which is more natural. It took three months but I finally started to feel good. He watches my estrogen levels with me being at such a high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. I have since had my youngest sister have a mysectomy from cancer as well.

With his help I have to say what a difference a year makes. It has been that long now since I first met with Dr. Brown and I am feeling good. I have not taken sleeping pills since. Thanks for giving me my life back. – C.H.

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